How to Be Punctual in 5 Steps

If you are late one or two days life is not over. Things happen. It only becomes an issue when done frequently, and a problem when it becomes a habit. How do you know if you have a habit of being late? Just check for a week or two if everything you do is on time or not. Either way, if you would like to finish all your tasks earlier than you do now, read on.

1. Be considerate Think about how you would feel if someone else was late at your expense. Realize that it makes you look unreliable, even though you may be only a little late. If you are always waiting on someone, don’t try to figure out how you can be later than her/him. Use the time instead to read a book or something.

2. Finish things early leave as little as possible to be done in the morning, you will be groggy then and everything you do will take longer than normal. If there were things you couldn’t finish in time the night before, make a list of them and put them somewhere you can see quickly as you are getting ready in the morning.

3. Put a clock everywhere Unless you are in the habit of wearing and looking at wristwatches every now and then, having a clock at all your rooms helps you keep track of time. You can put alarms on your clocks so it goes off every half an hour or something, to let yourself know how much time is passing by and working accordingly.

4. Set ahead your time If you are a little late for everything you do, setting your clocks a few minutes ahead is a good idea. It’s up to you how much you set it ahead by, I know someone who has it ten minutes ahead. If it comes to a point where setting the time ahead isn’t working anymore, just change it again. You can set events earlier in your calendar too, schedule any projects due to be finished a day or two earlier than the actual due date.

5. Prioritize If you are running late, stop and think, for just a few seconds, what must be done now and what can be done later. This puts your tasks in priority and is a good way to organize and find time to do the things you need to without sacrificing time.

It’s refreshing to get things done in time. When we know we are going to be late, we always think about it, or at least have it at the back of our thoughts. Once you get in the habit of doing things timely, you feel more reliable at yourself. It feels like a burden has been lifted off of you.


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