How to Stay Ahead with Hard Work and Better Fitness

This is all about the people who are more fit, work harder, earn more and stay ahead of all others. All that it takes is that we decide to take it and make sure that we will never ever let the effort at our part would die

Actually people, you see them in your office who work out regularly and are more fit and better workers and make you look bad, they finish their work before the dead line and make you look more unhealthy, all those smart looking people roaming all around you in a cheerful way doing their job trying to show how much better they are than you are.

Do we ever think that why the people go jogging, go to gym and groom themselves regularly and feel so proud doing all this and take so much pride in their work? Just because they are wiser people and know how to be ahead of mediocre and know how to be successful, they are simply way ahead of ordinary people and this world is full of such wise and smart people, who insist of doing much more than is strictly necessary. 

Actually one should do it to the best of his capabilities if one has decided to do some thing to the best of his ability, though there is nothing wrong if one fails in his attempt but than that too should be with the best efforts one can put in his efforts. It never is okay to be halfhearted, never an effort that is mediocre. The best and exceptional will only be on the show, rest will be left behind. Think it this way if you are planning a home to be decorated who will you choose, a decorator who you know has been doing it with all his dreams put together to decorate your house or the one who just is a okay decorator and does it for the money you pay him, nothing imaginative just the routine job. Whom are you going to assign the job? Same could be true for an architect, if you were planning your new house. You know your choices.

In fact there are so many people who think like this and inspire so many others to think like them, and to be very frank people like these are the ones who make the world moving, in fact people like these are the ones with the brightest of minds and they are a plenty in this world, they simply out number the ordinary people with their ordinary attitudes.

Actually our corporate world is full of achievers, in fact every step we move forward may be dedicated to some one who wasn’t satisfied to let things remain the way they were because that some one simply said no to the inferior work and stood him self to show how the work was to be done an d finished it beautifully. We owe them a lot, the whole generations are grateful to people of their class, but more than that we owe it to our selves who are trying to walk on their footsteps and trying to make the world move ahead.

As you are well aware that there is no job small or big, as there is no part of a machine unnecessary, we all can not do some thing like, we can not be the “first” man on moon as there can be only one that walked on moon for the first time but we can walk on the moon if we so decide that moon is our ultimate destination.Because this is going to be "we" who will let down not only ourself but so many others who look in us there future,and we shall not let them down.

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Posted on Aug 4, 2010