Office Organizing Tips for Better Efficiency and Less Stress

Ideas for organizing your office space for better productivity and efficiency.

Office Organizing Tips

An organized office is a productive office. Clutter and disorganization can cost you time and money.

Organize your office and desk using these organizing tips to create an efficient pleasant work environment.

Clean Out and Organize each Desk Drawer

Storage space is a valuable commodity in an office and every square inch counts.

Designate one drawer for small office supplies and know what is supposed to be there. Pens, Sticky Notes, paper clips, rubber bands, small note pad. If you must keep sugar packets and salt packets and forks and spoons at your desk be sure to keep them all in a one quart sized ziploc bag.

Each drawer in your desk should have a specific organizational purpose. If it doesn't add to the organization then it is probably not adding to your productivity.

Clutter Free Zone on Your Desk Top is a Must for Organization

An orderly and organized desk top tells you that you and your clients and associates that you are a no nonsense productive person. This doesn't mean an empty desk top but you want to convey efficiency and competency. Here are some tips to keep in mind for a clean organized desk top.

Beyond the necessary electronic devices you should limit the items on your desk to the following if you can:

A stacking tray or upright file organizer for incoming and outgoing items and work in progress

Your day planner, calendar or master task list.

An organizer for mail labeled “Read”, “File”, “Respond”

There are a variety of desktop and office organizers available for your organizational needs. Find the ones that suit your style.

File Boxes for Organizing Completed Work

Completed work should be removed from your desk area. If you need to keep hard copy records then store them in a clearly labeled file box. Keep an inventory sheet taped on the outside of the box and a copy on the inside as well. Keep the box in a storage closet.

Color-coding Files

Color-coding your files will help you to find information sooner leading to more efficiency. If you have a variety of types files or clients this will be beneficial.

Make your office or home work space an organized and orderly place where you can be productive and efficient. Keeping clutter under control and your work organized can decrease your stress and potentially contribute dollars to your bottom line. 


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